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In developing a water play project, several factors must be considered in order to ensure its success.



Generally, the aquatic area of a standard water play covers an area of approximately 1,500 square feet.


It is made up of the concrete slab and the water play elements installed on it. This excludes landscaping all around the aquatic area. As our water games are as fun as they are aesthetic, the ideal is to position them in a place offering maximum visibility.


Finally, the proximity of services (water, drainage area and electricity) is a major advantage in the selection of the ideal location.

We offer 2 water management systems.

  • Lost water
  • Recirculation
Lost water
The wastewater system feeds on your distribution network and throws its effluents into a drain connected to the rain network.
This system requires sequential management of the water clearance due to a lack of flow and pressure in the supply. This type of management operates certain components of the water game at the same time. It kind of makes the water game dance.
The recirculation system feeds into the recirculation tank and discharges its effluents into this same tank.
This system allows Ultimate Splash management, exclusive to Playsplash, which operates all the components of the water game simultaneously to the delight of users.
This system requires constant maintenance with regard to filters and sediment baskets to be cleaned regularly.



The main stages in carrying out a water play project are:

Project development (reflection, choice of components, plans and specifications)
  • Implantation on the ground
  • Excavation work
  • Plumbing
  • Concrete works
  • Installation of components and systems
  • Landscaping
We offer turnkey service and task sharing.
Determination of the budget allocated to the project.
Several factors can influence the budget required for the project.
  • Dimensions of the aquatic area
  • Type of water management system
  • Distribution of work
  • Choice of supplier
Our extremely competitive prices are lower than our competitors. Take advantage of our solutions adapted to all budgets.



  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • Baked polyester paint for luster and durability
  • Unique and distinctive Canadian design
  • Dedicated team with great expertise
  • Unbeatable protections and guarantees
  • Our prices are the best on the market
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